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Kimberly Brown is a South Carolina born and raised author of contemporary/urban romance. She strives to create stories that readers can visualize in their heads as the pages turn. Writing has been a part of her journey since a young age but really became a focal point during her high school years. With the support of her classmates, she began sharing her love of words with others. In 2019 she took her first step towards becoming a serious writer with self-publishing. August of 2021, she made her BLP debut with “Pretty Caged Bird” and is continuing to grow her catalog. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from South Carolina State University and a pending masters in Mental Health Counseling, Kimberly loves to incorporate mental health into her writings as she feels it is not talked about or address enough within the African American community.


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Months after meeting a kind gentleman on the most embarrassing night of her life, a newly divorced woman gains the courage to reclaim her life and explore newfound love with the perfect stranger in this enthralling romance, perfect for fans of Kennedy Ryan.

Pascha St. Claire has nothing to live for.

After five years, her once-loving husband, Raymond, decides to end their marriage. He’s unable to deal with her mental health, significant weight gain, or the idea that she cannot seem to birth him a child. She returns home one night to find her belongings on the curb and the locks to her home changed. Her pleading falls on deaf ears as Raymond has made the decision to end their marriage. With no other option, Pascha is forced to leave and never look back.

When Callum Ellis accepted the reservation for his car service, the last thing he expected was to pick up a beautiful, weeping stranger. His heart goes out to her as he drops her off at a hotel. After discovering her credit cards have been canceled, Callum swoops in to pay for her stay. Though she wants to protest, Pascha realizes she is in no position to decline the stranger’s generous offer.

Months roll by and Callum is still unable to get Pascha out of his head. A chance encounter finally lands him in her presence, and Callum is determined to make the most of it. Though she initially declines his interest, Pascha soon finds herself intrigued by the once-kind stranger. Fear has her recoiling at his advances, but men like Callum come to restore. Will Pascha continue to avoid the inevitable, or does she find the courage to love again?

Coming 6/7/24!

Arranged Hearts - 66_edited.png

Kachelle Lewis is tired of waiting for love. As a successful Pediatric Orthodontist, she has everything else going for herself, but the one thing she desires most seems to be just out of reach. Coming home to an empty home has gotten old, and Kachelle longs for companionship. After dating every wrong man, she’s decided to put the fate of her love into the hands of Arranged Hearts, a professional matchmaking service, but there is a catch. While she’ll be paired with what she hopes is the man of her dreams, she will know nothing about him until she meets him at the alter.

Jacob Mitchell lives a very comfortable lifestyle. As a highly successful author and illustrator of children’s books, he’s traveled the world and found happiness in material things. For Jacob, all the money in the world can’t buy him the one thing he desires most, the love of a good woman. Tired of the shallow side of the dating pool, Jacob is ready to jump into the deep end. When he enlists the help of Arranged Hearts, he isn’t sure what he’s getting himself into, but he’s hopeful that it will lead to him finding the love of his life.

Armed with hope in their hearts, Kachelle and Jacob meet at the alter. Their attraction is immediate, but is it enough with marrying a complete stranger? If their pairing is a success, they could live a long and happy life. If it isn’t, both could be heartbroken. Will the arranged hearts commit to forever or will “I do” turn into “I Don’t”?

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