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“All that glitters, isn’t gold.”

Amina Coltrain always felt like she was born into the wrong family. The lifestyle of the rich and wealthy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, at least not for Amina. She would gladly trade in her ball gowns, fancy dinners, and arranged marriage for a pair of sweats, movie nights with her best friend, and a man that she can love at her own free will. But having a mother as controlling as Winnie Coltrain proves that even the simplest of dreams don’t come true without a fight. Will she conform to what is expected of her, or does she fight for her right to live a life she chooses?

Gray Porter is a hometown barber whose main concern in life is taking care of his mother and siblings. After his father dies tragically when he is sixteen, he takes it upon himself to fill his shoes. Years later, his mother is dating, and his siblings are almost grown, leaving Gray to finally live life for himself. When he falls for Amina, his world is turned upside down in more ways than one. Will the woman who became the love of his life be the reason he loses everything?

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Ariyanna "Ari" Ramirez has had enough of no love. After a two-year relationship filled with more heartbreak than happiness, she is starting over. When she meets handsome, suave, single father, Simeon "Sime" Cartwright, she has no idea that her life is about to change forever. Their romance is one for the ages, but nothing worth having comes easy and Ari is paying the ultimate price. Her world is slowly crashing all around her as she clings to Sime for love, comfort, and safety.

Simeon Cartwright is a former street dude turned businessman and single father. His life revolves around work, his family, and his six-year-old daughter. Single since his baby mama ran off six years ago, Sime is instantly intrigued by the green-eyed beauty who comes with more than a little bit of baggage. While dealing with Ari’s drama he has a bit of drama of his own with the unexpected return of his estranged baby mama.

From baby mama drama to a deranged ex and murder, Ari and Sime fight to overcome everything thrown at them, all while trying to remain true to each other. Will they be able to make it and live happily ever after, or will they fold under the weight of the world on their shoulders?

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Julissa Charles has had enough of no love. Her experience with men is one that has never surpassed the bedroom. She has become accustomed to being used for what she possesses between her thighs. While she watches her best friend find love with the man of her dreams, she longs for a love all her own. Plagued by past trauma, hurt, and insecurities, she has concluded that it just may not be in the cards for her. Deeming herself unworthy, she has settled for simply having her needs met, that is, until she meets the man who would challenge her very existence.

Cody Parrish has just returned home from a two-year deployment and is eager to get back to his roots. Single for the last five years, he is open to the dating scene. A reunion with two of his best friends throws him in the pathway of a beautiful, vibrant, and sassy woman who captures his attention like no other. Though their initial meeting ends on a sour note, he cannot deny her captivating presence. When they cross paths a short time later, he asks her out in an attempt to make up for their first impressions of each other.

While Julissa is a tough cookie, Cody is dead set on breaking down every defense she has. Will she give in and finally allow herself to experience the love she longs for, or will her past continue to deprive her of what she rightfully deserves?


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Rhyon Capers has spent her life trying to stay out of both her father and grandfather’s shadows. With both of them being prominent, successful lawyers, she followed in their footsteps and set out to create a name just for herself. Her career has been the forefront of her life, coming before everything, including her once upon a time longtime friend and lover, Emerald Hampton. Their relationship suffered long ago due to her commitment to school and her career and his rising music stardom. Years have passed and Emerald has returned to claim the woman that was always supposed to be his. However, confronting old feelings means confronting old secrets.

Emerald Hampton also known professionally as GEM has had success all over the world with his beautiful vocals. Even with all of his fame and fortune, he still feels like something is missing from his life. That something is Rhyon Capers, the woman he has loved since he was eight years old. After taking some time off from the industry, he ventures home to get his woman. While he knew he would not receive the warmest of welcomes from her, he was prepared to go put in work to make her his again. Will they be able to work through the dormant feelings and past secrets to rekindle a lost love, or will they have to accept that their time has passed?


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Roswell “Ross” Scott was known to be quite the ladies’ man. For years, women were a conquest to him… until he meets the one who would not only lock him down but break his heart in the process. A recent breakup has sent him on a mission to heal that same broken heart by returning to his old ways. That was, until he met Paisley St. Germaine, a five-four, mysterious, firecracker. Between pursuing her and dealing with the drama from his pregnant ex, Ross feels like he has more than enough on his plate. However, an accident reveals he may be getting more than he bargained for with Paisley.

Paisley St. Germaine is the new girl in town. A bit of a loner all of her life, she is adjusting to her new surroundings in a new city with her six-year-old daughter, Harmony. Her typical days are filled with working, being a mom, and indulging in her love of art. When she meets Ross Scott, little does she know, her life is about to change forever. Though she fights hard against his undeniable good looks and charm, she finds herself drawn to him. Past trauma has caused her to be cautious of men and for that very reason, she decides not to tell Ross that she has a child just yet. As fate would have it, Paisley is forced to reveal her secret one way or another. Will this cost her the happiness she is finding with Ross? Or will he be able to forgive her and move forward?

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Cynthia “Cyn” Malone and Andrew “Drew” Collins have been a couple off and on for

ten years now. Together they have two beautiful children and live quite a comfortable lifestyle.

While Drew has always felt like she was it for him, Cyn has not and seemingly will not fully

commit to him. Time after time, she has rejected his attempts to be a family. Ever persistent,

Drew continues to be the man he as always been in hopes that one day Cyn will finally accept

him whole-heartedly.

Harboring years of pain from the abrupt departure of her estranged father, the only thing

she has committed to was guarding her heart from the only other man she has ever really loved.

Cyn is terrified of suffering the same fate as her mother, being heartbroken, left alone and

struggling to raise her children by herself. When a car accident lands her father right at the

hospital where she works as a trauma nurse, Cyn must come face to face with the very source of

her pain. In confronting her father, will she finally be able to let go of her hurt and allow herself

to fully love Drew or will her past hurt continue to be the deciding factor in their ongoing



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Nuri VanZandt has struggled for most of her life. The product of a scheme gone wrong, she was left with a mother who felt she ruined her life. At the tender age of fourteen, she was propelled into the world of adulthood and taking care of herself by any means. As a result of past traumas

and hardships, at twenty-eight, she is a struggling recovering alcoholic who is one step closer to falling headfirst into her old lifestyle. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Nuri is ready to throw in the towel and end it all.

One night after a near slip, she meets Silas Baxter, a charming kindhearted man who helps her in a moment of need. For Silas, meeting Nuri was like meeting his soul in human form. His instant attraction to this mysterious, delicate woman propels him to pursue her in the most tender fashion. While Nuri rejects his advances, the more she engages with him, the more she comes to

realize that her soul needs him more than she could ever imagine.

With life becoming overbearing and secrets from her past spilling from left and right, Silas is right there to pick up the pieces as Nuri finds herself breaking. Will she be able to lean on him for support or will the pressure become too much altogether?

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As an award-winning journalist, Brynlee Adams’ life has revolved around work for the last couple of years. Regretting missing out on so much time with her family, she decides that this year for Christmas, she was finally going home. Her plans get derailed as her flight has to make an emergency landing due to severe weather conditions.

Determined to make it home, Brynlee decides to drive the remainder of the way. As fate would have it, she runs into car trouble and turns for help in the most unlikely person, her ex-husband, Sage Proctor.

Sage Procter never expected to be under the same roof with his ex-wife again. Yet her being in his home forces feelings to the surface that neither of them had dealt with. Circumstances have them contemplating whether their divorce was made in haste. They must ask themselves… Was their reunion simply by chance or by fate? Will they risk it all or throw it all away?

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Doniece “Niecy” Tillman is a woman all her own. She’s a go-getter who knows what she wants and what she wants is Richard Cartwright Jr. Infatuation ignites and sparks fly when she accompanies her best friend to a family game night where he is in attendance. In spite of warnings that she had her work cut out for her, Niecy sets her sights on the oldest of the Cartwright brothers, who happens to be ten years her senior.

With a swirl of new emotions forged as she gets to know him, she is taken aback when he tells her he just wants to be friends. Will she be able to keep their relationship strictly platonic or is she already too involved?

Richard Cartwright Jr. better known as RJ, is a man who doesn’t do commitment. Content with indulging in women to have his needs met, he can’t fathom his sudden interest in this feisty, young thing. Niecy entices him in a way no woman has and for RJ it becomes the very thing he runs from. With the seeds of lust already planted, he finds himself in a battle between his heart and mind. Can he be just friends with this bold beauty or will he finally give in and find a love he never knew he was craving?


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“I hear you but hear me out. I have a proposition for you.”

“A proposition?”

“An offer you can’t refuse.”

Lavish Chamberlain has lived a life of hurt and disappointment. From birth, she couldn't remember ever experiencing genuine love from another person. A child of the system, she thought that she had finally found love, happiness, and a sense of family when she married Keith Chamberlain. But the life she shared with him was anything but the fairytale ending she had longed for.

Fresh out of her divorce, she travels to New Orleans to celebrate, even with the impending doom that she would have nothing when she returned. Her life changes drastically, the night she meets Mitchell Keonig, a wealthy bachelor who presents her with the offer of a lifetime.

Mitchell Keonig has lived a life of privilege. His father is a world renowned technical genius worth billions of dollars. Even with all of his riches, his father had remained a humble man, something he tried to instill in his son. Forever the showoff and ladies’ man, Mitchell lived life by his own rules and without regrets. When his father threatens to cut him off, Mitchell takes drastic matters to ensure this doesn't happen.

He meets Lavish Chamberlain, and his world is turned upside down. Will the man who once only cared about himself be able to ward off her beauty for the sake of going through with his plan?


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Halani Henley experienced a shocking and devastating loss. At six months pregnant she loses the child she is carrying, and it turns her entire world upside down. To make matters worse, she feels she is the only one taking her miscarriage as serious as it was. Her boyfriend of three years, Onyx Sawyer, is moving through life as though he hasn’t just lost a child as well. When a secret comes out, Halani is faced with the fact that she may not have known her man as well as she thought she did.

Onyx Sawyer was loving and living life. He had it all and to top it off, he had a beautiful woman on his arm. Life changed the moment he learned he was going to be a father. When Halani suffers a miscarriage, truths were revealed that costs him his relationship. Onyx thinks that he is giving her time to come to grips, but what he doesn’t realize is his behavior is pushing Halani into the arms of the most unsuspecting person… his brother.

Hendrix Sawyer has always picked up his brother’s slack. Once again, he is forced to deal with Onyx’s mess, only this time, it involves one of his best friends. With Halani suffering and Onyx in the wind, he steps up in her time of need. What starts with the innocence of being a shoulder to cry on, soon turns into a mess of forbidden feelings.

Will Onyx get it together? Will Halani and Hendrix be able to fight their newfound feelings? Or will the weight of their worlds cause everything to come crashing down?


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Zenni Calloway is a plus-sized beauty who hasn’t always felt confident in her appearance. She’s dealt with years of constant scrutiny, under the guise of tough love at the hands of her mother in addition to being fetishized by men who want nothing more than to indulge in her in private only. Frustrated with dating altogether, Zenni has cut herself off from the world of men, until a blast from the past shows up with intentions of giving her everything she’s been missing.

Idris Bailey has always had a soft spot for Zenni Calloway. Spending summers with his grandparents introduced him to the woman he’s never been able to let go of since childhood. When he moves back to town to care for his ailing grandmother, he comes face to face with the plus-sized beauty that stole his heart all those years ago. Determined not to miss his shot this time, Idris sets out to be everything Ms. Zenni never knew she needed.

Will Zenni allow herself to be loved the way she deserves, or have her experiences hardened her heart forever?


When love takes over, anything is possible.

When the kindred spirit of botanist/herbologist Eden Charles meets record store owner and singer/songwriter Maverick Shaw, sparks ignite. Eden is a reserved workaholic who has an obsession with music. Little does she know, Maverick was about to sing her a tune that only her heart could hear.

Join this couple’s journey of love at first sight. No drama… just love.

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Bleu Levell is cautious with her heart these days. After unknowingly having children with a married man, she’s recovering from heartbreak and betrayal. With her children’s father locked up on gun charges, Bleu has thrown herself into work and motherhood. It wasn’t until she meets photographer, O’Shea Boulware, her massage client, that she considers opening her heart to love again.

Tables turn when her ex, Isaiah, is suddenly released and looking to get that old thing back. His possessive nature won’t allow him to let Bleu go so easily, even with his wife in his back pocket. Even with years between them, he still loves Bleu and is willing to pay the ultimate price to have her.

What happens when obsession turns deadly? Join this trio’s journey of love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption as the drama unfolds.

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“I see you’re in heat, but, baby, I put out flames.”

Efrain Smith is a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. When he meets a shy bookstore owner, he instantly knows he has to have her. Whether it’s his business or his women, Efrain dominates everything his hand touches.

Thyri Nelson has always played it pretty safe, never taking many risks or stepping out of her comfort zone. When she meets property manager Efrain Smith, she has no idea the waters she’s about to test. With thick sexual chemistry between them, Thyri finds herself drawn to a man who held the power to ruin her in more ways than one.

Efrain’s promise to introduce her to pleasure she’s never known before, is tempting. Will she indulge in this handsome new stranger, or will she resist the temptation?


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Can a friendship survive turning into a relationship?

Memphis Cartwright knows all too well what it’s like being in love with your best friend. Lovey Lavias has been the object of his affection for twenty years and now she’s finally his. With new love and the birth of their son, Memphis tries to settle into the life he’s always dreamed of with the woman he’s always loved. That proves to be no easy task if her now ex-husband has anything to do with it.

Lovey Lavias is no stranger to heartbreak. Coming out of a toxic marriage where love and loyalty kept her enslaved, she enters a relationship with her best friend of twenty years. Finally receiving all the love and happiness she deserves, she is elated.

When a near fatal accident almost claims the life of her ex-husband, loyalty is tested and lines are crossed. Can Memphis and Lovey weather the storm brewing or were they better off as friends?


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Quinnen Moses is grasping for freedom.

Growing up with a father who viewed submission as a form of controlled love, she promises herself she would never end up like her mother. After abruptly breaking off her engagement to a man measuring up to be every bit of her misogynistic father, Quinnen finds herself in Tahiti with her best friend, Cherry, celebrating the honeymoon without the wedding. Vowing to live free and indulge in everything this trip has to offer, Quinnen lets her hair down and embraces the island vibes. Nothing could have prepared her for the moment she meets Elijah Cane.

In Tahiti for his sister's destination wedding, Elijah is looking for a good time. When he lays eyes on Quinnen, he knew she would be his for the taking. With sexual attraction at an all-time high and no strings attached, the two quickly turn a beautiful getaway into a naughty paradise.

Follow Quinnen and Elijah into their island fantasy.


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“When wounds are healed by love, the scars are beautiful.” --- David Bowles

Calliope “Callie” Palmer is one year fresh out of a relationship with a heartbreaking end. Since she decided to focus on herself and her bakery, the last thing Callie was looking for again was love. When her best friend recruited her for a photoshoot with her fiancé, Callie had a feeling she was being set up. Her initial apprehension is replaced with immediate attraction when she lays eyes on the handsome Thane St. Thomas.

The thirty-two-year-old headmaster is instantly intrigued with his future sister-in-law’s best friend. Single for two years now, Thane is no longer looking for a girlfriend. He’s looking for a wife. His initial attraction to Callie is based off their natural chemistry and vibes, but once he pulls back the layers, he discovers she’s everything he’s been praying for.

Join this couple’s journey with a sweet, drama free love story, sure to leave you swooning and wanting more!


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Elise Bennett is desperately seeking solace from the hands of the man who promised to love, honor, and cherish her til death do them part. Those vows had been forsaken long ago, leaving Elise to bare the brunt of the abuse happening within the walls of her home. Fearing for her safety and the safety of her children, she does the only thing she can think to do when opportunity arises… she runs. While her intentions are noble, her methods are flawed, and she soon finds herself at the mercy of a stranger.

Safari Johnson is harboring pain from his past that he couldn’t shake if he tried. As the son of an addict and a kingpin, Safari has led a life a crime, beginning at the tender age of eight. At twenty-nine, he’s grown weary of his future in the family business. A chance encounter with a beautiful stranger has him ready to risk it all as his innate need to protect her has him at her every whim.

Outside forces threaten to destroy the bubble Safari and Elise have built for themselves. Between a vengeful husband and a controlling father, their happiness hangs in the balance. Will Safari and Elise get their happily ever after, or were they always doomed to fail? Enjoy this couple’s journey of love, revenge, and redemption. 


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Ivy Tremaine is head over heels in love. He’s sweet, loving, caring, attentive and caters to her needs. He’s perfect… well, almost perfect. Even with so many great qualities, Ivy only has one complaint… He won’t have sex with her. While sex isn’t the most important thing, for a woman like Ivy, it’s a pretty big deal. Her patience is wearing thin and she is seeking answers.

Declan Chambers has a secret. He’s a twenty-eight year old virgin experiencing love for the first time. Ivy is a breath of fresh air, and while he’s attracted to her, his lack of experience fuels his insecurities about being able to please her.

When he finally comes clean, things take an unexpected yet very interesting, very pleasurable turn. Will Declan be able to keep up with his leading lady, or will he steal the show?


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"Do nothing secretly; for Time sees and hears all things and discloses all." –Sophocles



That’s what Ashanti Marshall felt the moment she was introduced to Nolan Adams. He was forbidden and so was she, yet their need to indulge in one another surpassed all common sense. They found themselves entrapped in a bubble created just for them, hidden from the world around them.


When Nolan grows tired of having to hide their love, he pleads with Ashanti to set them free. She’s hesitant, knowing that once they reveal their truth, things would never be the same. Against her better judgment, she agrees to come clean to their families. The problem is, Ashanti and Nolan aren’t the only ones holding on to secrets.

With their truth finally spoken, Ashanti and Nolan learn a family secret that would break them apart for good. The problem with secrets is, once one comes out, the rest is soon to follow. In a world now filled with turmoil, can Nolan and Ashanti fight to stay together, or does one secret prove to be the end all?

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I’m gonna make him an offer her can’t refuse.”— Don Corleone

Passion St. Charles and her girlfriend Treasure Langford have always had the closest bond. From best friends to lovers, they’ve settled into a comfortable, loving, and fulfilling relationship. When they decide to add a little spice to their already flourishing sex life, the last thing they were expecting was a man to drop into their laps so soon.

The moment Maisen Collins walks into Treasure’s tattoo parlor, sparks fly. He’s immediately enamored with the tattooed beauty. Little does he know, she has plans of her own for him. When he asks her out to dinner, she hits him with a proposition: a naughty offer that includes pleasure for her, Passion, and of course, Maisen himself.

The trio embark on an erotic journey to mind-blowing climaxes. Will Maisen leave Passion and Treasure less than satisfied or will he rise to the occasion… pun intended.

Read about their unimaginable ecstasy in this Naughty November novel!

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“The tragedy of life is not death… but what we let die inside of us while we live.” –Norman Cousins

Jamison Jareau has suffered a terrible loss. His wife of eighteen years passed away the day she gave birth to their son. Consumed with grief and guilt over her death, Jamison has thrown himself into work and raising his four children without her. Two and a half years have passed since he lost his soulmate. The kids are growing up and Jamison realized he needs a little more help with them than he wants to admit. At the urging of his mother-in-law, he seeks a live in nanny to alleviate some of the stress of being a single parent.

In walks Aleviyah Sandifer, a beautiful, vibrant breath of fresh air. The kids immediately take to her and they aren’t the only ones. Jamison soon finds himself enthralled with a woman other than the one he’d been with since he was fourteen years old. With new feelings arising, guilt begins to set in over his newfound attraction. As bad as he wants Aleviyah, he can’t help but feel like he is betraying his wife.

When forced to finally come to terms with his feelings, will Jamison give in and embrace the budding romance between him and his nanny? Or will he continue to deny himself the happiness she’s brought to his household?

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Noelle Ackerman loves Christmas and plans to make this Christmas the most special of all. After five years of living in Paris, she has returned home to Grand Hills, the place where love has always dwelled for her. Love for Noelle is not only her family but with the man who stole her heart at the tender age of five.

Kane Weston aka Noelle’s tall, dark, and handsome best friend. For Noelle, Kane is the one that could never be. She’s longed for him in secrecy, afraid that testing the waters would ruin the beautiful friendship they already shared.

Unbeknownst to Noelle, Kane has loved her just as long and he has no plans of letting this Christmas go by without making her his own. With time finally on their side, will Noelle and Kane go after their heart’s desire or will this be yet another unfulfilled Christmas wish?

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"I have found the one my soul loves." Song of Solomon 3:4

Calliope Palmer and Thane St. Thomas have waited their whole lives for each other. Heartbreak for Callie bred restoration in the form of the handsome, salt- and- pepper haired Headmaster. Together, they discovered that sometimes what you need, comes when you least expect it. You've witnessed their love blossom and bloom in The Last Sad Love Song. Now, it's time for a wedding! Follow this couple in the days leading up to their journey to the altar.

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Cartel Jareau has always been the protector of his siblings. The handsome chef has a bit of a roughness to him. Aside from his family, very few people get to witness his sensitivity. When he met Adina Harold a year ago, he had no idea that intervening in an embarrassing exchange would lead to falling in love with a woman he could never truly have. She was spoken for. Forbidden, yet during turmoil brewing within her home, they somehow fell in love.

Adina Harold is hanging on by a thread. Trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage, she found solace in someone she shouldn’t have. He was genuine, sweet, and caring. He was love… the very thing she longed for and was missing at home. She knew loving him was dangerous and time and time again she tried to pull away from him only to have her heart pulling her back.

When tragedy strikes and Cartel comes to her rescue, Adina is afraid to allow the blossoming love between them to fully bloom. Just as she gives in to her heart’s desires, her husband, Dominic, makes it clear that he plans to honor their vow, until death do us part. With Dominic becoming more and more unhinged, Cartel and Adina face a series of trials and tribulations.

Will the couple persevere, or will Dominic see his threats through until the very end?

Heartbreak birthed a beautiful love story.

When Jamison Jareau hired a nanny, he wasn't expecting to fall in love. The moment Aleviyah Sandifer entered his home, his world was forever changed. Try as he might, he just couldn't fight his attraction. Forced to finally confront his grief over losing his wife, Jamison found an unexpected happiness with Aleviyah. You watched them fall in love in Where Love Blooms. now it's time for a wedding!

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Eliana Barlow has spent years longing to be a mother. With six miscarriages, she is finally blessed with a beautiful baby girl through the loss of her best friend Porchea. The loss of her husband in the line of duty only two years later proves to Eliana that life can be cruel. Dealing with heartbreak in the midst of raising her daughter is no easy task, but Eliana manages to do it all with grace.

Malachi Devereaux has spent the bulk of his adult life longing for the one thing he’s never had, a child. Set to be married to the beautiful Ziva Shaw, he has hopes of finally fulfilling that dream. When a young girl shows up in his classroom claiming to be his daughter, Malachi’s entire world is changed in the blink of an eye.

The secrets of his former lover come to light the same time as revelations about his current fiancée. The realization that she will never accept his child forces Malachi to choose between two different kinds of love. The problem with Ziva is she isn’t willing to give him up so easily. The budding relationship with not only Malachi and his daughter but her mother pushes Ziva over an already fragile edge.

Find out what happens when getting everything you want collides with ugly truths and vengeful secrets.

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Walker Jareau prided himself on being a player. Women came a dime a dozen, and he was like a revolving door... until he met the one woman who threatened to swipe his player card—Jorja Sandifer. The beautiful dancer captivated him from the moment he laid eyes on her. It didn’t take long for the friends with benefits to migrate into an unconventional relationship, laced with a bit of toxicity. Feelings developed, and neither wants to come clean until Jorja has had enough.


The concept of giving a man her heart has always been foreign to Jorja Sandifer. Seeing the effects of heartbreak on her mother made Jorja vow to never give a man that kind of power over her… until she met Walker Jareau. In him, she found a best friend and lover. Try as she might, she couldn’t fight the growing feelings for a man she was never supposed to form an attachment to.When those feelings surface, Jorja is faced with the harsh reality that Walker will never be the man she wants. She cuts ties with him, but Walker can’t seem to let her go.


Realizing that he may have more feelings than he wanted to admit has him fighting to get back in her good graces.Will these two embrace the feelings between them, or is it a done deal?


Find out what happens when getting everything you want collides with ugly truths and vengeful secrets. 

Heartbreak birthed a beautiful love story.

When Jamison Jareau hired a nanny, he wasn't expecting to fall in love. The moment Aleviyah Sandifer entered his home, his world was forever changed. Try as he might, he just couldn't fight his attraction. Forced to finally confront his grief over losing his wife, Jamison found an unexpected happiness with Aleviyah.


You watched them fall in love in Where Love Blooms. now it's time for a wedding!

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What happens when friends cross the line to lovers?

Iridessa Nelson’s curiosity has been piqued. When a drunken night lands her in bed with her best friend and a practical stranger, the last thing she expected was to end up in a love triangle.

Remi Taylor has always been sure of who she was. Yet the night she indulged in the forbidden fruit with her best friend, she’s left questioning her very existence.

JaQuan Samuels wasn’t expecting not one but two beautiful women in his bed, but when the opportunity presented itself, who was he to turn it down?

Months have passed since the threesome shared a night of passion. While a new relationship has formed between JaQuan and Iridessa, her feelings for Remi linger in the background. After confessing her desires to him, JaQuan gives his blessing to pursue a relationship with her best friend on the side. The problem is Remi doesn’t want just one… she wants them both.

Enjoy this erotic tale of love, fantasies, and getting everything you ever wanted and then some!

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Audrey Pilar is a master in the art of breaking up. Her friends have dubbed her ritual of leaving men as “The Expiration Date”. Hurt from her past has caused Audrey to protect her heart at all costs, even if it means self sabotage. She’s developed the habit of looking for red flags and it seemed to work for her. That is until she meets Sullivan Santiago. The confident, thirty-three year old owner of Sullivan’s Coffee Tavern is unlike anyone she’s ever met and for Audrey, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Sullivan “Sully” Santiago is a man that says what he means and means what he says. His honesty, though sometime brutal, has never been a problem for him until he meets the beautiful Audrey Pilar. The twenty-seven year old professional crafter caught his eye after witnessing several of her gentle let downs in his establishment. Where as most people would see it as a turn off, Sully is intrigued.

When Audrey agrees to a date with him, Sully soon learns that his own expiration date will come sooner than he thought. Unfortunately they are left with a special parting gift that doesn’t make letting go as easy as Audrey would have liked.

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Alexis Monroe and Jaceon Palmer were college sweethearts. They’d planned their lives and were set to get married until Jaceon reveals a change in the plans they had for the future. Hit with the devastating blow that he no longer wants children, Alexis breaks things off.

Years later, she is married with a beautiful daughter and pregnant with her son. Tragedy strikes when her husband is killed in an unsolved hit and run accident. After struggling through her pregnancy and dealing with her grief for a year, Alexis realizes she needs help. She, her four-year-old daughter, and six-month-old son have returned home to live with her parents while Alexis gets herself together. For Alexis, the move to heal current wounds leads to the opening of old ones.

When Jaceon crosses paths with the once love of his life, every feeling he thought he buried comes right back to the surface. Realizing that he made a grave mistake has him jumping through hoops to rekindle what he’d foolishly lost. Still fresh with heartbreak, Alexis is forced to deal with the feelings she ran from all those years ago when close proximity continuously lands her and Jaceon in familiar spaces.

Will she give in to the reemergence of past feelings, or does the timing prove to be too much for the once couple to handle?

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What happens when two people from different worlds find solace in each other?

Alaina Jareau was born into a life of privilege. With the world at her fingertips, there was never much that she longed for that money couldn’t buy… except true happiness. For years now, she’s been hiding behind her influencer persona, showing off her life of luxury. After spending years abroad in Spain, she’s returned home to be with her family. But returning home opens old wounds and brings about the revelation of a dark secret she promised to carry to the grave.

Roosevelt Monroe has spent his life taking care of others. As a single father of the beautiful, vibrant, six year old Junie, his world revolves around work and being a parent. Dealing with his ex-wife Tristian, a recovering alcoholic, proves to be a struggle at times, but he is making due with what he has. With the return of the woman he’s been longing for, he’s excited to finally make his move. However, Tristian doesn’t make it easy for him.

When drama arises in Alaina’s world, Roosevelt easily proves he is a man that would stick by her side. They cling to each other, navigating through the rough patches with gentle and unconditional love. Enjoy this journey of losing everything you thought was important and gaining everything you never knew you needed.

The players have left the game!

After a a rocky beginning, Walker Jareau and Jorja Sandifer, defied odds seemingly not in their favor. Growth and unconditional love have transformed the once toxic couple and they are ready come together in holy matrimony.

Get your passports and join them for a beautiful destination wedding filled with love, laughter, and a bit of freak action on the beautiful island of Laucala in Fiji!

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Getting his way has never been a problem for Reese Jareau. That is, until what he wanted was seemingly unattainable. The baby of the Jareau family has fallen in love with a woman who’s already involved. What started as a work relationship soon turned into a friendship. But what happens when attractions run deep, emotions are high, and lines are crossed? Now, Reese is fighting to love a woman who loves him but can’t seem to leave her current situation.

Corelli Hendrix has found herself in an entanglement. On one hand, she’s committed to holding down her child’s father while he does a bid. On the other, she’s fallen in love with a man eight years her junior who treats her like a queen. Not only does he treat her the way she deserves, but he extends the same treatment to her daughter, making severing ties seemingly impossible.

When Miller, her daughter’s father, returns home on early release, Corelli tries her hardest to make the fantasy reunion work. Her heart, however, longs for Reese Jareau. The back and forth between them has grown tiresome and Reese has given her an ultimatum: choose me or lose me. 

With limited options, Corelli must choose between the love she’s known and the love she’s found. Will it be an easy choice, or will it prove to be much harder than she or Reese ever imagined?


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Somya Hilton has known nothing but a life of ultimatums. From a young age, it was her and her sister Eliza against the world. When both of them find love and start families of their own, Somya finally feels like she has the life she deserves. Then tragedy strikes, leaving both her sister and brother-in-law dead and Somya to care for her niece Jazlynn who is ten at the time. For Somya there is no question that Jazzlyn should be with her. Her husband, however, has a difference of opinion.

Xander Tripp has always taken care of business. The product of a drug addicted mother and a felon for a father, all he knows is hustling to survive. After the birth of his daughter left him a single father, Xander pulls himself together to be the parent she deserves. Twelve years later they have a beautiful life, but Xander is lonely… until he meets the beautiful Somya, the recently divorced mother of his daughter’s new best friend.

What starts as a friendly exchange, quickly turns into a beautiful, unexpected love. Trauma bonded them, but is their bond strong enough to withstand the tests of a jealous ex and the return of Xander’s baby mama? Will Somya and Xander thrive under pressure or fold under the weight the world on their shoulders?

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Emmanuel Santiago has thoroughly enjoyed his bachelor lifestyle. With money, a life of luxury, and women at his disposal, he seems to have it all. He has no immediate plans of settling down with one woman and starting a family. Then he meets her. What was supposed to be a one night stand quickly turns into a love affair that neither of them saw coming. She taps into his vulnerability and without even realizing it, Emmanuel is falling for a woman who should be forbidden.

Racine Bradley thought she had a happy marriage until her husband's ugly truths find their way into her home. She discovers he's been having an affair and now, she wants out. Her husband, however, refuses to sign the divorce papers. Heartbroken and angry, Racine's petty attempt at getting her lick back lands her in Sullivan's Coffee Tavern where she meets a man she has no intention of seeing again after a night of passion and pleasure.

When tensions arise and emotions come into play, Racine finds herself entangled in the web of the temping stranger who is so much more than meets the eye. Emmanuel discovers a side of himself that no one knew existed, not even him. While two wrongs don't make a right, everything growing between these two feels just that. Will Racine and Emmanuel fall victim to an affair that shouldn't have been or will the love grow and prevail through it all?

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Alaina Jareau and Roosevelt Monroe have finally gotten their happily ever after. Through heartbreak and despair to triumph, they fought for the happiness they rightfully deserved. Though their relationship started with a rocky foundation, the moment has come to solidify their love permanently.

It's time for a wedding!

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“When I first saw you, I felt something I had never felt before. It was a mix of joy, excitement, and wonder. You are my adventure.”

She was beauty and a mystery, and he wanted to know all there was to her.

He was love in human form, and she wanted to experience all there was to him.

The day Ximena Solomon met Hiram Moss, the last thing either of them were expecting was to find true love. Yet still, their connection ran deep, their attraction was undeniable, and what grew between them was nothing short of love at first sight.

Ximena and Hiram cannot deny the magnetic pull they feel toward each other. They begin to spend more time together, sharing their hopes, dreams, and deepest feelings. With each passing day, their bond grows stronger, and they realize that they have found something truly special in each other. A chance encounter might prove to be fate as these two weave their way into a romance for the ages. This is a heartwarming tale of love, destiny, and the power of human connection. It reminds us that sometimes the most extraordinary things in life can happen when we least expect them, and that true love is worth fighting for.

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Months after meeting a kind gentleman on the most embarrassing night of her life, a newly divorced woman gains the courage to reclaim her life and explore newfound love with the perfect stranger in this enthralling romance, perfect for fans of Kennedy Ryan.

Pascha St. Claire has nothing to live for.

After five years, her once-loving husband, Raymond, decides to end their marriage. He’s unable to deal with her mental health, significant weight gain, or the idea that she cannot seem to birth him a child. She returns home one night to find her belongings on the curb and the locks to her home changed. Her pleading falls on deaf ears as Raymond has made the decision to end their marriage. With no other option, Pascha is forced to leave and never look back.

When Callum Ellis accepted the reservation for his car service, the last thing he expected was to pick up a beautiful, weeping stranger. His heart goes out to her as he drops her off at a hotel. After discovering her credit cards have been canceled, Callum swoops in to pay for her stay. Though she wants to protest, Pascha realizes she is in no position to decline the stranger’s generous offer.

Months roll by and Callum is still unable to get Pascha out of his head. A chance encounter finally lands him in her presence, and Callum is determined to make the most of it. Though she initially declines his interest, Pascha soon finds herself intrigued by the once-kind stranger. Fear has her recoiling at his advances, but men like Callum come to restore. Will Pascha continue to avoid the inevitable, or does she find the courage to love again?

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Being the girlfriend of a successful rapper isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Rhythm Baker, a successful occupational therapist, held it down for Raheem, her boyfriend of three years, without much complaining. After moving across the country to support his career and their relationship, Rhythm has grown increasingly uncomfortable with Raheem's inappropriate behavior and inflated ego. Feeling disrespected, unappreciated, and unheard, she moves out of the home they share, ending their relationship. Despite his recent moves, Raheem isn’t willing to let her go so easily.

Channing Watson, a renowned music producer, meets Rhythm by chance when he’s called by his mother to change a flat tire at her therapy clinic. With their connection unknown and instant attraction fueled by lust, a one-night stand becomes inevitable. Though she thought it was over, Rhythm and Channing continue to run into each other, and feelings become just as inevitable as the night of passion they shared. Complications arise when they discover that Channing is in fact Raheem’s new producer and Rhythm is his ex.

Though their entanglement is messy, Rhythm and Channing’s connection only grows deeper as they navigate the potential fallout that’s sure to come. With Raheem unwilling to let go or do right, Rhythm is ready to move on and be happy, but will the solace she finds in Channing’s presence be ruined once their relationship comes to the light?

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Kachelle Lewis is tired of waiting for love. As a successful Pediatric Orthodontist, she has everything else going for herself, but the one thing she desires most seems to be just out of reach. Coming home to an empty home has gotten old, and Kachelle longs for companionship. After dating every wrong man, she’s decided to put the fate of her love into the hands of Arranged Hearts, a professional matchmaking service, but there is a catch. While she’ll be paired with what she hopes is the man of her dreams, she will know nothing about him until she meets him at the alter.

Jacob Mitchell lives a very comfortable lifestyle. As a highly successful author and illustrator of children’s books, he’s traveled the world and found happiness in material things. For Jacob, all the money in the world can’t buy him the one thing he desires most, the love of a good woman. Tired of the shallow side of the dating pool, Jacob is ready to jump into the deep end. When he enlists the help of Arranged Hearts, he isn’t sure what he’s getting himself into, but he’s hopeful that it will lead to him finding the love of his life.

Armed with hope in their hearts, Kachelle and Jacob meet at the alter. Their attraction is immediate, but is it enough with marrying a complete stranger? If their pairing is a success, they could live a long and happy life. If it isn’t, both could be heartbroken. Will the arranged hearts commit to forever or will “I do” turn into “I Don’t”?

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