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Sneak Peek

The Burial of a Player coming 5/11

The door leading out to the street opened, and instantly, my nostrils were filled with her scent. Peaches and honey. I would know it anywhere. I looked up to see Jorja stepping in looking so muthafucking beautiful wrapped in a red strapless dress with red heels to match. Her faux locs hung over one side of her shoulder and down her back. Her face was free of makeup, and she had this natural glow.

“Shit,” I mumbled, causing my mother to look up and Jorja to look in our direction.

She looked nervous for a second, and the reason was clear once the nigga she was with walked in and grabbed her hand. I realized that he was the same nigga that had been in her face at the club.

“Mama Jareau,” she spoke, offering my mother a smile as my mother stood to greet her.

“Jorja. You look stunning.”

“Thank you. Might I say, you are working that dress, girl. Papa Jareau let you out looking this good without him?”

“Oh baby, he knows I’m coming home.” Her eyes drifted over to ol’ boy. “And who might this handsome young man be?”

“This is Tyson. His niece dances for me. Tyson, this is Paloma Jareau. She’s Anais’s grandmother and like a second mother to me.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Mrs. Jareau,” Tyson said, shaking her hand as he leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Are you dining alone? You’re more than welcome to join us.”

“Oh no. My date is my son, Walker.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, although I tried to resist it.

“Nice to meet you,” he said, extending his hand.

I looked at it, then at Jorja and my mother. There was no fucking way I was about to shake this nigga’s hand—

“Walker,” my mother said firmly.

I kissed my teeth, giving him a lazy shake.

“Ja, can I holla at you outside for a minute?” I said.

“No,” she said through gritted teeth. “I am on a date.”

“It’s okay, love,” Tyson said, kissing her cheek. “Handle your business. I can keep Mama Jareau company.”

Jorja glared at me as she turned and walked outside. The door damn near slapped me in the face as I walked out behind her. She walked a little ways away before she turned to face me.

“Walker, I thought I made it abundantly clear that I was done with you.”

“So you just out here dating niggas and shit?”

“That’s what single people do.”

“This is bullshit, Ja.”

“No, this is what you made it. You wanted to be a free agent, so I freed you. Move on. Clearly, I have.”

“I don’t believe that. Look me in my eyes and tell me you don’t feel shit for me.”

“The fact that I’m here with another man should tell you something, Walker.”

She tried to walk off, but I gently took her hand.

“Baby, please.”

“Baby? I’m not your baby. Never was.”

“Jorja, I care about you. I’m begging you to reconsider—”

“Reconsider!” Tears laced her voice. “I gave you too much of me with no commitment. I’m not doing that again. Why would I reconsider being an option? Why would I wait for you to decide that you want to get it right when there are men out here that have begged me to stop fucking playing?”

“Like him?”

“He didn’t have to beg because he came correct the first time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date to get back to.”

She tried to walk away again, and again, I held her back.

“Jorja, I love you.”

Her eyes widened.

“I’ve never said that to any woman I’ve been with, but that’s what I feel for you. I’m sorry it took me so long to see that. My world ain’t right without you, Ja. I miss you, and I miss us. I don’t want you to move on, and I can’t move on. I want to come home.”

She shook her head. “No. No, you don’t get to do this.”

She snatched away from me and stormed back toward the entrance.

“Ja!.. Fuck!”

 All I wanted to do was punch the air. I’d royally fucked up our friendship and anything else that could have been between us. Her cutting me off was one thing, but her actually being on a date with another man… that shit had my chest hurting. I might just have to accept the fact that she was really done with me for good.

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